Discover Elba Island

Elba may be the biggest of the seven isles in the Tuscan archipelago and after Sicily and Sardinia it's the third largest island of Italy. Mild weather, pristine beaches, small fishing villages and ancient fortresses make it a unique and striking destination.

Even by walking a few kilometres you can start off at the sea and end up to a granite mountain more than 1000mt high with a breathtaking view.

  • You can be visiting the remains of an Etruscan fortress and then, after walking a few hundreds metres, find yourself swimming in the sea. In Elba Island you just need to go around a bend and be faced with an unexpected and completely different landscape.

    There are many beaches to visit on the island, from little coves to long beautiful ones, sandy, white or black pebbled and rockery spots of all kind! The paper map you can get at any tourist office in Elba indicates something like 100 beaches which can be reached without a boat. Most of the big ones are close to a road, some of the small ones ask for a bit of a walk. Whether pebble, rock or sand, they come in all shapes and sizes.

  • Near by the Islands of Capraia, Giglio, Giannutri and Pianosa are the pride of the Tuscan Arcipelago and are definitely worth a visit. You can hire a private boat or join one of the guided tours.

    Marina di Campo centre is a few minutes away from the house by walk or bike and all the surrounding offers lots of different amenities.

    The village offers lots of good restaurants and possibly the best gelateria you can imagine, kids fair/bouncy castles, cafes, street markets and winemakers.