Elba may be the biggest of the seven isles in the Tuscan archipelago and after Sicily and Sardinia already the third largest island of Italy.

Mild weather, pristine beaches, small fishing villages and ancient fortresses make it a unique and striking destination.
Even by walking a few kilometres you can start off at the sea and end up to a granite mountain more than 1000mt high with a breathtaking view. You can be visiting the remains of an Etruscan fortress and then, after walking a few hundreds metres, find yourself swimming in the sea. 
In Elba Island you just need to go around a bend and be faced with an unexpected and completely different landscape.
There are many beaches to visit on the island, from little coves to long beautiful ones, sandy, white or black pebbled and rockery spots of all kind! The paper map you can get at any tourist office in Elba indicates something like 100 beaches which can be reached without a boat. Most of the big ones are close to a road, some of the small ones ask for a bit of a walk. Whether pebble, rock or sand, they come in all shapes and sizes.

The beauty of the water of each beach is related to its exposure to winds. 

Casa Pineta is on the south part of the island, the water in Marina di Campo beach will be really beautiful on a day where northern winds blow, like Grecale or Maestrale. The same is true for all the beaches on the north side of the island, their water will be crystal clear on Scirocco days, the wind that blows from south.

Here is a list of our favourite places to swim in the North and South of beautiful Elba island.

South Beaches

Marina di Campo

The beach in Marina di Campo is the longest on all the Island of Elba. It is about 1400 metres long, and sits enclosed between the old part with the tiny port of the town- hence the name of the beach - and on the other the gulf of La Foce.

It consists of golden, fine grain sand that has come to be over years of the crumbling of the granite rocks of Monte Capanne.

Thanks to the Gulf of Marina di Campo the beach is quite sheltered, and is at its best on days when a north-west wind is blowing, and the water is calm and cystal clear.

Le Piscine Cliffs di Seccheto

Le Piscine of Seccheto are nice smooth granite cliffs, situated between the villages of Seccheto and Fetovaia. The granite rocks retain the heat of the sun, that's why they are popular even in low season and very hot in summer. The cliffs of Le Piscine are known to be frequented mainly by nudists.

Access to Le Piscine cliffs:
Along the road that leads from Seccheto to Fetovaia, about 1 km from the village of Seccheto, there are two parking lots protected by the wooden fences where you can park your car.

From there, you need to walk down a path among the rocks until you reach the smoothed cliffs, where you can admire the natural pools of sea water, shaped into the granite rocks by the sea.


This sandy pebbled shore looks fascinating and wild with a lovely uncrowded beach bordering the Mediterranean maquis, surrounded by a healthy environment. Galenzana is located on the western side of the Gulf of Marina di Campo. You can reach it by sea or via a path through the green Mediterranean maquis, walkable in about twenty minutes from the flight of steps in the town center of Marina di Campo.

The place is opposed to the more equipped and crowded beaches ideal for those looking for a peaceful and natural environment. The beach is surrounded by the vegetation of the typical tamarisk lapping sea. It is also interesting to snorkel in shallow water, but it is advisable to wear appropriate footwear to avoid annoying cuts. The beach has the remains of ancient iron and steel activities.


What distinguishes this beach is the natural beauty of the bay, with a crystal and turquoise sea protected by the promontory of Fetovaia, which is covered by the Mediterranean maquis until the sea. Thanks to its beauty, this almost white granitic sandy beach is one of the busiest in Elba island and it is both occupied by beach clubs and free areas.

Access to the beach of Fetovaia:
You can reach the beach of Fetovaia by car, along the main road a paved road goes down to the sea.

Parking is the main problem here, there are few free car parks so we suggest to call the day before in order to reserve your space.

Pino Solitario: +39 0565 988037

Barbatoja : +39 3355688611

North Beaches


Spartaia beach is very beautiful and is characterized by fine and clear sand. The beach is partly occupied by beach club of the nearby hotels and by a rental that offers the possibility to rent sun beds and umbrellas for a comfortable day at the beach. The rest of the beach is free to access and is ideal both for people with disabilities and families with children as you can access to the beach with strollers or wheelchairs. The seabed gently descends to the sea and offers shallow water in the first section, where you can teach your children to swim.
On the beach there are bars and paddle boats rentals thanks to which you can discover other beautiful coves nearby as that of Paolina in about 10 minutes.

Perfect for snorkelling too. 

Access to Spartaia:
Coming from Procchio towards Marciana Marina, at about 500 meters from the village, there is a detour on the right indicating Spartaia, go down the narrow one-way driveway and find a toll parking. A comfortable pedestrian access will take you to the beach of Spartaia after about 80 meters.


Forno Beach is a small sandy beach which is located within the Gulf of Biodola and it is separated from the main beaches of Scaglieri and Biodola by a small promontory and a short stretch of coast.
The beach of Forno is located in the middle of the Northern Coast of Elba, this small shore is also suitable for families with children, thanks to the seabed that gently slopes into the sea.

The beach is mostly of free access and it offers a rental for umbrellas, sunbeds or paddle boats. The beach is very beautiful during the days of sirocco.

Access to the beach;
You can reach the beach by car, although it has not many parkings. About 6 km from Portoferraio, halfway on the road that leads to Procchio, you have to turn right downhill for about 2 km until you reach a crossroads with a signpost for the fraction of Forno. From this point you can also reach the nearby beaches of Biodola and Scaglieri.

La paolina

The beach and its little island are named after the sister of Napoleon, who dearly loved this cove with its beautiful and quiet beach. Paolina beach consists of sand mixed with gravels and it is partly free to access and partly occupied by a bar that also offers umbrellas and sunbeds.

From the beach you can get to Paolina's islet by swimming, it's just a few meters from the shore . The island looks like a small hill occupied by drums and shrubs typical of the Mediterranean maquis .
In front of the small gulf you will appreciate a beautiful view of the Enfola promontory and the Gulf of Viticcio.

Access to the beach:
The beach of Paolina is near the beach of Spartaia , along the road from Procchio towards Marciana Marina . It is about 2 km away from Procchio and it is easy to locate it along the way thanks to a signpost.

The car is to be parked in one of the few parkings available and in high season, necessarily along the road. By the signpost starts a footpath with wooden handrail mixed with large steps that will lead you down the beach of Paolina, not the best if you have small children.


The beach of Capobianco is considered one of the most beautiful beaches of Elba Island. It is located on the Northern Coast within the Municipality of Portoferraio.

This beautiful beach is characterized by a long, narrow shore composed of white gravels and pebbles and on sirocco days the sea shows all its shades of blue and green. The beach is mostly free to access and there is also a small beach rental where you can get sunbeds and umbrellas.

The stretch of coastline is fascinating especially along the cliff, and there is a strong presence of marine fauna, given the proximity to Scoglietto, which waters are a marine reserve.

Access to Capobianco beach:
Getting to the beach is quite easy because well signposted. From the old town of Portoferraio, turn right along the road leading to the nearby beach of Ghiaie and continue for about 1 km until you reach the signs for Capobianco. There is a large dirt parking lot on the coast overlooking the beach where you can park and stepping down a path that leads to the beach.